About DFA

The DFA was born from a dream of giving back to the society a part of what is received.The dream is of providing an equal opportunity to the less privileged section of society to realise their dreams attain their goals. At DFA instructions are imparted by permanent faculty members. This aims to ensure constant personal connect with every candidate.

We analyze your strength and weaknesses and thereafter work upon to evolve and overall personality that genuinely fits that of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. A candidate is not tutored but trained to think and act pragmatically, efficiently and effectively for his entire lifetime.

DFA ensures you ‘limited class strength’ for better interaction and learning. DFA focuses on concept clearance and organizing your thought process to tackle any problem related to the subject. During the conduct of the course at DFA, on line assignments, class assignments and mid capsule examinations will be conducted. The course will end with the final examination.

Visit and address by eminent personalities such as experienced Academicians, Serving and Retired Officers from all three services and Police is a part of our curriculum. This aims to motivate the aspirants by sharing personal practical experience by a living legend. Proper dress code as per the seasonal conditions will be maintained by boys and girls attending the courses at the Academy.